She Builds Her Home is a place where you can find biblical inspiration, motivation & practical ideas as you seek to build your home with wisdom and embrace joy in motherhood, marriage & homemaking.

Let’s dig into the truth, what the Bible actually says to us mamas, and how we can be joy-filled while embracing the powerful purpose and calling we have within our homes. 

I’m Nicole Kauffman and I’m walking this journey right beside you! 

As a mama to 3 littles, I have my hands full. I’ve seen the tremendous blessing of children and yet sometimes it just feels so overwhelming. Society says this means we aren’t getting enough “me time” but the Bible says something different…

It’s in the surrendering of ourselves that we will find true joy

It’s in embracing the little God-given blessings running around our homes that we will find an incredible sense of purpose

It’s in the interrupted conversations and stolen kisses that our marriage will invite the glory of God

It’s within the walls of our not-big-enough houses that hearts will open and grow.

How to Give it to God

Instead of running from the hard parts of motherhood, marriage and homemaking, let’s turn our hearts to the Lord and embrace this God-given calling. Let’s invite Him to transform us and to experience the joy and purpose He has in this beautiful, messy, completely heart-changing thing we call motherhood. 

Let’s build our homes with wisdom and watch God’s glory unveil!

Fun Facts

About Me

  • I have 3 adorable and sweet littles at home.
  • I met my hubby in college and we’re dreamers through and through. Of all the things I ever could have dreamed up, this life is by far the best.
  • I gave my life to Jesus as a teenager and God has walked me through some crazy stuff. I love swapping stories over a cup of piping-hot coffee. 
  • I never knew what I “wanted to do with my life” and leaning on God for direction has led me to the most incredible place.
  • I’ve dealt with several health struggles and this led me down the bunny trail of natural wellness and our desire to build a homestead! We currently have a big garden, are planting fruit trees and have chickens. I’d love to get a goat and some meat chickens, but we’ll see where this year takes us!