Prayer in Marriage

3 Incredible Benefits of Praying for Your Marriage

As a newlywed, I had no idea the power and strength that comes from praying specifically and strategically for my marriage.

Sure, every once in awhile, I’d offer up a request or something I was grateful for. But committing to praying for my marriage was foreign to me.

Instead I fumbled through the disappointments, expectations and misunderstandings on a whim.


Benefits of prayer in marriage

And I quickly grew exhausted.

After all, marriage wasn’t what I expected and no matter how hard I tried, I never seemed to measure up.

Satan was working. And I knew little of one of the most powerful protectors of my heart and my marriage.

It wasn’t until I got to the end of my rope that I started asking God for answers.

What could I do to find peace?

How could I surrender my expectations?

Where could I discover strength?

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