prayer challenge for moms


7-Day Prayer Challenge

Join me, Mama, in FERVENT and BOLD prayer as we BATTLE for our
family and our homes.

What if you could…?

Pray in the power of the Lord and actually change things?

Impact the spiritual battle raging all around your family and your home?

Bring God’s peace, power, and love to permeate your family and home?

Prayer changes things.

With this challenge, you will:

  • Pray through Scripture for 7 days
  • Dig into TRUTH about how to do battle in your home & family
  • Take practical, action steps toward victory in your home
  • Be equipped to STAND FIRM in prayer on behalf of your family
Prayers for my family

Does any of this sound familiar?

Scripture for Moms | Bible Verses for Moms

You want to guide your family to the Lord and help your children grow in their faith

You are after a marriage on fire for the Lord and for each other

What is a Biblical Homemaker?

You see the effects of sin and brokenness affect your family and you want God’s protection and peace permeating through your home

What’s Inside:

  • A challenge devotional guide packed with Scripture, encouragement and hope!
  • A bold & fervent prayer on a specific topic for the day (family vision, parenting, to be a godly wife, children’s heart and salvation, homemaking, spiritual warfare in motherhood & MORE!)
  • An action step for the day’s challenge to make it practical & practice!
  • A beautiful printable prayer card that you can place around your home to remain in constant prayer

Day One: Family Vision

Having a vision for your family is so important as you enter into each day. It will be your guide and it will underlie all the little things you do with your children, with your husband and in your home.

Day Two: Parenting

Parenting is no easy task. And in today’s culture, leading our children in the ways of the Lord is a high callingMama, you are shaping eternal hearts within the walls of your home!

Day Three: My Children’s Heart & Salvation

Let’s pray that the Lord would draw our children’s hearts to Him every day in powerful and obvious ways. And let’s remember that all the little things we do are creating a space where God can show up in the lives of our children.

Day Five: For My Homemaking

Don’t let Satan convince you that it doesn’t matter or that your time is better spent doing something else. Creating a peaceful home will create an environment for your family to flourish. Every single thing you do has an eternal impact on your children and your husband.

Day Six: Spiritual Warfare in Motherhood

Satan isn’t just scheming against you, he’s watching your children. We will battle spiritual warfare in much bigger ways because we are fully engaged in ministry as moms. We are shepherding little hearts.

Day Seven: For My Family

Let us lift up our families together. I want to encourage you to come boldly before the Lord and pray for protection, for guidance and for unity as a family.

Nicole Kauffman Courage Hope Love (1) (1)

Hey there, I’m Nicole!

My battle in prayer began before I had children. I’d walked through many painful trials and felt defeated and hopeless. But then God showed me what was behind it all. God opened my eyes to the spiritual warfare that was raging beneath the surface. 

Through this journey, I learned the importance of battling in prayer. Then I had kids. And with the birth of each newborn, my time became scarce and my prayer life fizzled down.

It wasn’t until I faced some new trials that God drew me back to Him in prayer. He placed women in my life and resources before me that reminded me of my calling to pray. He taught me to battle in prayer for my family, my marriage and my home.

We are called to pray. We are called to battle in bold, fervent prayer. And prayer changes things. Will you join me in that battle?

Are you ready?

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