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How to Find God’s Plan When You Feel Lost

find god's plan

Do you ever feel like you’re wandering through your days in search of God’s plan?

I can attest to many times in my life when I had no idea where God was calling me.

I’ve spent many hours praying and talking with friends about this “perfect plan” and how to find it.  But the more I searched for God’s plan, the more confused I became.

I’ve recently been studying the book of Numbers-the story of Israel’s wandering through the desert in search of the Promised Land.  Through my study, I’ve learned a few things about our own wanderings.  When you feel confused about God’s plan for you, there is a way to find clarity. 

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Here are 3 questions to ask yourself when you are unsure of the direction God is calling you.

1. Does your faith waver?

God used incredible miracles to free an entire nation out from under slavery in Egypt.  They passed into the desert and away from oppression.

They had been delivered from captivity and granted freedom.

And yet, not long after their freedom, the complaints began.  When they were hungry, they cried out.  They would’ve rather been back in slavery than starving in a desert.

They had forgotten that God split the sea to free them.  If He could do something as big as parting the depths of the sea surrounding them, why couldn’t He provide food when they grew hungry?  Where was their faith?

How many of us forget the ways in which God has delivered us from our own captivity?  When we face a crossroad in our lives, we instantly doubt and question God’s goodness.  We fear the unfamiliarity and yearn for the broken comfort we left behind.

In times of wandering, we must renew our faith in God.  You can do this by remembering the times in which you were delivered before.  Start your list with God’s grace in salvation.  He saved you from death and brought you to freedom.

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The more I think about God’s deliverance, the more instances in my life that I see His working.

When things start to seem fuzzy or confusing, don’t lose faith in the God who has the power to free nations.  He will guide you.

2. Are you REALLY listening?

This is often the most difficult question in finding true clarity.  Our hearts can become so easily clouded with our longings and our fears.  We often see through the lens of our own desire.

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God had brought Israel through the desert and to the edge of the Promised Land.  He’d provided for them and fulfilled every promise throughout their journey.  But when they looked at the battle before them, they grew fearful and questioned God.  The Promised Land held a battle that the Israelite's were afraid to fight.  They wanted an easy way out, just like we often want the easy way out.

But God calls us to something different.  He calls us to align our hearts with His.  When we seek after the heart of God, He will provide clarity in times of question.  We must trust God when the battle before us looks to be more than we can bear.

Instead of asking how God can provide for you, ask how you can serve God.  Our true purpose is in glorifying God.  We must be willing to enter any battle that God leads us to and only then will He provide us direction in the way to go.

Are you listening to the ways that God is asking you to glorify Him?  Or are you waiting for God to provide you with the answer you want?  This is a major reason we find ourselves wandering.

3. Are you following God’s commands?

Not one of us is immune to deception.  In fact, the world around us is full of lies.  Slowly, we grow accustomed to the lies and sometimes we give in to them.  But in this way of living, we fall from God’s will.  God asks us to follow Him with our whole heart and to love others with grace and kindness.

If we stray from these commands, we stray from God’s will.  It becomes exceedingly difficult to find God’s plan for you if you are not walking fully in the truth.  If you want to know where God wants you to go, start by living out a Godly lifestyle.

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Read the gospels and discover the way that Jesus asks us to live.  He doesn’t want just a few hours on Sunday mornings.  He wants our whole hearts, our whole lives.


If you feel like you are wandering through your days, take a close look at where your heart is.  Is it given fully to the Lord?  Are you trusting Him in faith, listening to His call and following His commands?

When you are doing these three things, you will find clarity in God’s path for your life.


What has helped you to find God's will when you are at a crossroad?  Please share below! 🙂



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  1. I’ve been walking around in circles about a specific decision. Truly seeking His will is exactly what I should have been doing all along. Not necessarily what I think I should do. Thank you for writing this!

    1. Glad to hear, Krystal! These decisions can be hard, but stepping forward is so important Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have found that when I remind myself to just trust and be still, that I am led in the right direction. We so often want what we want when we want it, but that often isn’t what we need. This is a lovely reminder.

    1. Great point, Sarah. Sometimes it is the ones that get us out of our comfort zone that are the best. Thanks for sharing that!

  3. Great application of Scripture! I’ve noticed several times on big decisions that God has made me wait six months-a year by keeping my busy with something else. Examples- for our first house God kept us waiting on a certain home we were promised but which fell through after six months….When we found a house that fit our family perfectly (literally down to the style of the doorknobs!) we realized that six months earlier we wouldn’t have been able to afford it. When it came to my ministry at church, I served a long probationary period only to see that ministry dissolved before I could even participate….but in that time God had redirected me to investing in my blogging and writing ministry. Sometimes God just has to keep us busy until the time is ripe for Him to work in you.

    1. What a great testimony to God’s timing! It’s so encouraging to hear how He works in other’s lives, thank you for sharing, Liz!

  4. I am very much in a state of confusion, uncertainty. I am a new believer, so I really do appreciate reading this piece. I know I have to build up my faith more, allow God to work in my life according to his will. Patience and Faith….Thank you for posting this blog! Blessings!

    1. It’s great to meet you, Tasha! And seeking out God’s plan can oftentimes feel confusing and uncertain, but you’re so right, by growing in faith and patience, God will reveal His will to you. I’m so glad you can find encouragement here!

  5. “If you feel like you are wandering through your days, take a close look at where your heart is. Is it given fully to the Lord? Are you trusting Him in faith, listening to His call and following His commands?” Powerful! Thank you! #livefreeThursday

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