Walking with God _ How to Apologize

How to Apologize While Walking with God

Do you remember being a child and having your parents force you to apologize to a friend or sibling? I can clearly remember the, “Tell your sister you’re sorry.” And my angry response through gritted teeth, “I’m sorry.”

How to Apologize While Walking with God

Of course, this satisfied some of the anger or hurt my sister had, but it still left us at odds. The reason being that it wasn’t genuine. I wasn’t truly sorry. I just needed to appease my mother.

But as we got older, we learned that apologies needed more than forced words through gritted teeth. They needed to be genuine.

As teenagers and adults, after angering a friend, an apology needed follow through. You couldn’t just forcefully say you’re sorry without making a change. You needed something more than the words.

Learning to apologize is something we do over the course of our lives. But it can be so easy to miss out on what God has for us in these apologies.

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