How to Overcome Anxiety in Surrendered Obedience
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How to Overcome Anxiety in Surrendered Obedience

Do you struggle to overcome anxiety in your life? Today I want to help you find hope and direction as you seek to overcome anxiety in surrendered obedience.

Far too many times I’ve let anxiety direct my thoughts and my actions. I’ve tossed and turned at night, fearing the what ifs and struggling to surrender this fear to the Lord.

Anxiety tends to grip our minds in this way and oftentimes we let it. We are unaware of the strategies and tools we are given to overcome this anxiety and find peace.

How to Overcome Anxiety in Surrendered Obedience

I spent years unaware that I was called to take my thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ. Instead my thoughts ran wild, filled with fears and lies that Satan had deeply webbed within my mind. 

I remember one night specifically when anxiety threatened to bury me deep within the pit of my despair and I cried out to God. I boldly asked God to cast Satan out of my mind. And yet, as I lay there, the anxiety did not diminish. In fact, it only grew stronger, causing me to question God.

I spent months after that tossing back and forth between anxiety, desperation and doubt. Why wasn’t God answering my prayers? Why wasn’t He delivering me from Satan’s attacks.

Eventually my anxiety faded, but the answers to these questions came only years later.

My mind and my thoughts were filled with lies. And I constantly entertained these lies. There was immense brokenness in my life that I needed healing from. But as I sat and asked for healing, I did not bother to try and do the very things God asked of me in order to find that healing.

God calls us to renew our minds, to take our thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ. He provides us a step by step strategy to fight anxiety and to find peace. And I had yet to truly understand all of this. The brokenness still reigned in my life and in my heart.

I praise God that He did deliver me, although it did not look like I had envisioned. Instead of a snap-of-the-fingers deliverance, God did a work of sanctification in me. And this process is not easy and it oftentimes is not pleasant.

But as God works to sanctify your heart and mind, you will begin to find healing, freedom, hope and peace.

So today I want to share some of the powerful strategies that helped me along in this sanctification process and helped me to find healing and overcome the constant grip of anxiety on my mind.


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  1. Yes – so much we can be caught up in a negative slant that we don’t even realise it and get swept away with our thoughts. Thanks for being inspirational in your post. 🙂 Healing is the go to word!

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