How to Rest in God and Set Your Faith on Fire
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How to Rest in God & Set Fire to Your Faith | Faith on Fire Series

When I think of faith on fire, I definitely don’t think of resting. But this is one of THE MOST powerful ways to fuel our faith. 

But slowing my mind and resting can become such a struggle, especially in today’s society.

We are always on the go, rushing from one thing to the next. And when we have a moment to sit down, we immediately flip to social media and are bombarded with one pressure after the next. 

So how can we slow down and truly rest? And how will this actually set fire to our faith? Let’s dig into that today!

How to Rest in God and Set Your Faith on Fire

What is Resting in God?

I used to think that resting in God meant I needed to say a prayer and then sit in silence with my mind blank. And because of this, I hardly stilled my heart before God. Because I just couldn’t keep my mind blank no matter how hard I tried.

I wanted to hear from God and be filled with Him, but my mind raced through the to-dos and anxieties and distractions that so easily filled the empty space.

It wasn’t until I learned that truly resting in God was something completely different than a silent mind that I finally began to make this practice a part of my faith.

Before that, I’d find myself stuck in a cycle of guilt and condemnation as I tried to hang on to the discipline of spending that time before God. 

I love Psalm 46:10 as a guideline for this time of “resting in God”. 

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth.” -Psalm 46:10 (WEB)

Being still before God doesn’t stop with slowing our hearts and silencing our minds. It continues on to remind us to bask in knowing God is who He is. He is faithful. He is loving. His grace is powerful. He cares for our hearts and our needs.

As you attempt to rest in God, remember, it isn’t simply silencing your mind, but resting in His presence and knowing who He is.

I like to meditate on Scripture or pray through this time. I want to encourage you to give it a try. Give your mind something to focus on as you rest in Him.

Why Rest in God?

So we’ve talked about what resting in God looks like, but why is it so important in a faith on fire? 

Resting in God sets the solid foundation on which your faith will stand.

Without a foundation, you will be subject to the wind and the waves. Without a complete confidence in God and who He is, you will much more easily fall when tempted or grow distant from God.

As you learn to rest in Him, you will find your feet on steady ground in every area of your life.

I loved seeing this come to life in my own experience. As I began to spend consistent time every morning resting in God’s presence, I began to see a shift in my attitude, my hope and my actions.

They were no longer based solely on emotion and effort, but I began to see God working through me as I went throughout my days. I began to feel my faith spark and grow in powerful ways. And I notice a huge difference on the days that I do not spend time resting in God’s presence.

How You Can Rest in God

There are so many ways that you can bring your heart and your spirit to a place of resting in God and find that fuel and fire in your faith.

Acknowledge Him

Start by acknowledging who God is. Find verses on His attributes. Write down the ways that He has been faithful in your life and in Scripture. Focus and meditate on these things.

Ask the Spirit to Fill You

I have a prayer written down that I try to pray often, asking the Holy Spirit to fill me. I pray through the fruits of the Spirit and ask God to work in my heart to transform me into these things. And as I spend time praying for the Spirit to enter into me, I find peace fills me. As the Spirit to fill you and to work in you. 

Grow in Intimacy with God

I have found that having a consistent devotional or Bible reading plan has helped me to continue in the discipline of spending time with God each day. And as I’ve done this, I’ve found that I rest in God more fully and have seen this fuel my faith.

Week 1 of the Grow Your Faith devotional specifically digs into resting in God. Each day is geared towards helping you to find this rest and the abundant peace that God offers as you rest in His presence.

You can learn more about the devotional here:

I’d love for you to comment below: What helps you to rest in God? How will you commit to resting in Him this week?


  1. Sitting in silence is truly one of the most beneficial things we can do. It inspires creativity. It helps us problem solve. It helps us navigate challenging moments. I think we all get a little crazy with things running through our mind. Sitting in silence is truly something we all need to do a little more of.

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