For Those Who Long for Deeper Peace

We all long for a heart at peace.

Financial peace.  Relational peace.  Emotional peace. 

We build our lives around our own unique ways of discovering that peace.  But if we aren’t careful, we can find ourselves searching for peace and rest outside of God’s love.  We may seek to build our own career and financial stability.  Or we may close off our hearts in hope of achieving emotional rest.

But the peace of Christ is so much deeper than any peace we can salvage in our own efforts.  In relying on God for the rest within our soul, we will find a peace that far surpasses anything we can imagine.

So, in a world filled with empty promises, how do we find this peace?  How do we find rest in the midst of all our brokenness?

God will fill you with His immeasurable peace when you seek Him in these ways.

Defeating the Lies that Weigh You Down

Satan works in subtle and yet consuming ways.  He weaves a web of lies into our lives and oftentimes we don’t see them until they’ve overtaken us.  This is why we must be alert and ready to stand firm in God’s truth.

We all have areas of bondage in our hearts.  We all have lies that we’ve believed and brokenness that we’ve surrendered to.  It is essential to discover the lies you may fall into and to actively prepare to fight them.

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When I start to find my worth outside of God, I begin to feel overwhelmed and unhappy.  The weight of brokenness consumes me and if I’m not prepared, I fall into the trap of lies that Satan sets for me.

In order to overcome these lies, you must first recognize them by studying God’s Word.

When I read the Scripture, I see the way that God intended me to live.  I see the love He intended in our relationships and I see that my worth is found in Him alone.  These lies rear their head when I least expect it and in recognizing them, I can be prepared to fight them.

Second, memorize Scripture, for it is the greatest weapon you have against Satan’s lies.

When you find yourself attacked, be prepared to fight with the Word of God.  Memorize the verses that speak to the very lies you find yourself believing.  Search the Scriptures and prepare for the battle.

Speak truth into the lies that you are prone to believe.  In doing so, you are preparing your soul to seek peace and rest from God alone.

Remember Where Your Hope Is

When I notice that my peace is faltering, I also see that I am beginning to find my hope in this world.  When your mind gravitates toward constant thought about money, success, approval and security, it is a red flag that your hope is being found apart from God.

Finding our hope in this world will lead to feelings of depression, unworthiness and stress because this world is broken.  It is only when we find our hope in Christ that our souls can find rest.

We live in a broken world, but Christ died for our redemption and in this redemption we can find peace.

Remember your purpose is not to achieve success by the world’s standards, but to live for God’s standards.  You can do this by surrendering your heart to God and by living to bring Him glory.

In living out your true purpose in Christ, you will find peace.

Find A Place to Let Your Soul Breathe

It is impossible to find rest when our lives are crowded both emotionally and physically.  We must clear out our clutter in order to find a place where we are at rest.

With a prepared heart, you can find a place of physical rest where your soul can breathe.  You can seek God in nature, music or whatever avenue you feel closest to the Lord.  I love to go outside and look up into the sky.  When I am in nature, I feel my soul breathing again. 

Find a place where your soul can connect with your Savior and go. 

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In fact, Jesus shared with us this very example.

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. Mark 1:35

We must find solitude with God in order to bring our souls into a deeper connection with Him. It is there that He can breathe His peace into our hearts.


Are you in a place where your soul rests in the peace of Christ?  Or are you finding your peace in empty promises?

Seek to find rest in God and He will bring peace into your heart.

For Those Who Long for Deeper Peace


  1. I love to get outside to walk and spend time with God. It brings me so much peace. My husband always tells me I come back from these times a different person. Just spending time with God and doing the exercise helps change my soul from restless to restful.

  2. This is exactly something I was learning this past week and I guess now. Life is sometimes crazy with relationships where they tear me down or overwhelm me or making me feel unloved. I know that if I focus on the situations on hand, I will fall instantly. But through God’s persistent love and powerful word being my focus, I will have peace. It is so automatic both ways. thanks for these encouraging words. your neighbor at coffee for your heart

    1. I’m so glad you could find encouragement here. It is definitely hard to stay focused on God’s love and His Word when relationships tear at our hearts. But you’re so right, through that persistence, we do find peace! Great to meet you 🙂

  3. Mark 1:35 is a scripture I have enjoyed implementing in my life Nicole. The early morning times with God there is peace, comfort, and clarity spending time with Him. Thank you for sharing this inspiring post. Have a fantastic weekend and may God richly bless you and yours!

  4. I love the last point, finding a place to let your soul breathe. Lately I have really been missing this in my life and it just makes fighting the lies and finding peace harder. Thanks for great reminders today.

    1. I definitely need this reminder daily, too! We have to be so intentional to step out of our busy days and allow ourselves to rest in Him. It’s great to meet you, Kira!

  5. Hi Nicole,
    I’m your neighbor at Coffee for your Heart today. Nature helps me connect with God, too. I find when I’m outside seeing the expanse of sky and looking at the amazing creatures that scuttle around me, it’s so much easier to believe that he’s truly at work in our lives. I love the scriptures you shared because reading that Jesus prayed early in the morning off by himself inspires me to persevere in prayer!

    1. Valerie, seeing the beauty of God’s creation really helps to put things in perspective, doesn’t it? 🙂 So glad you are inspired to persevere in prayer. It is SO important!

  6. I constantly have to remind myself when worry or anxiety take over, I surely stepped away from God into my own will. And peace can never come as you say until we rest in Thee! You offer so many beautiful reminders of where we most need to rest our heart for the peace the surpasses all understanding! So glad I was nextdoor today at #raralinkup

    1. So glad you found encouragement here today, Kathy! It definitely takes an active awareness of when we step into our own wills, but God never fails to bring us rest as soon as we turn our hearts to His! 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Mary. It’s so important to remember those places that make us feel at rest and to go there. A lot! 🙂

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