Prayer to Fight Anxiety

This Powerful Prayer Changed the Way I Fight Anxiety

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This week, I'm introducing Sue Chacko from Mama of Three Boys and her relatable story of overcoming fears and anxieties.

Sue shares a powerful method that I've implemented in my own anxiety journey. I hope that her story will encourage you and help you find the strength to overcome your anxiety.

This Powerful Prayer Changed the Way I Fight Anxiety 1

This Powerful Prayer Changed the Way I Fight Anxiety

I recently received a least expected call for a job interview. The call came in at 4pm, and they requested me to come in for an interview the next day at 11am. I was hesitant in saying yes, but I accepted and said “see you tomorrow.” From the moment I hung up the phone, my heart began to race.

I never struggled with anxiety or fear in my life, until now. Yes, maybe a week or two before my pharmacy board exams I did, but that was it.

Yet this evening was extremely difficult for me.

A million and one thoughts jumbled in my head.

I knew it was a sort of panic attack.

I should of been happy that God opened a door for me, but rather I started stressing over the future.

Who will babysit the kids if I go to work?

Will I stop my blogging ministry?

Who will drop off the kids and pick them up from school?

When will I have time to cook dinner?

Am I even capable of being a pharmacist?

Do I even remember the drugs and it’s doses I’ve learned over the years?

Do I have enough experience to even go for this interview?

The list goes on.

I over thought the situation and did not handle it well. My mind went completely blank thinking about verses to recite out loud!

I’m a Christian blogger- I should know these verse off the top of my head, right?


A topic my community talks very less of.


Another topic my community talks very little about.

Over the past year, since I was able to write for my blog and speak at several conferences, many women approached me saying these are topics no one “preaches” about. We keep it hush hush in our churches and community, feeling ashamed to speak out loud of our feelings of anxiousness and fear.

I am grateful to you sisters who have approached me and felt comfortable to speak to me about what you are going through.

We all deal with forms of anxiety and fear even if we are born again believers or so called Christians.

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My evening of despair taught me that I needed to be more well watered with God’s word.

As a clinical pharmacist I do believe if you experience frequent panic attacks, or anxious thoughts it may require further evaluation from a medical professional. Please do not hesitate or be ashamed in seeking help from your doctor.

After my interview was over the next day, I sat in my car thinking about why I panicked.

What was wrong with me? Maybe the busyness of life got the best of me and I haven’t been spending enough time in God’s word recently. I did not fully hand over my situation to the Lord.

I know if I had scripture on hand I could of recited it and been more at peace. I wrote out a scripture prayer, thinking of all the verses I knew about worrying, and fear.

The following infographic is for your reference. The scripture verses are in parenthesis  after my own words. You can use it as a guide to make up your own prayer while going through an anxious day.

Take time to open your bible and read through these verses out loud. Meditate on them during your periods of doubt, and fear, and restlessness. Ask the Lord to quiet your mind.

I am sure these jumbled thoughts could of been better managed if I took my own advice.

I truly felt the Lord speaking to me after the interview by saying “next time, lean on me a little more. Take more initiative in reading My words, there you will find peace.” He also told me to share this prayer with you!

A Prayer to Fight Anxiety

Prayer to Fight Anxiety (2)

Just click here for your own copy of this prayer.

What are you some of your favorite verses or scriptures to meditate on while experiencing anxiety or fear? Leave a comment below to encourage others!


Sue Chacko

Meet Sue

Sue Chacko is a wife of 10 years, a mom of three, and has her doctorate degree in pharmacy. She writes for Mama of Three Boys in her spare time. She loves to encourage Christian women, wives, and moms to find joy, and strength in marriage, motherhood, and everyday life by seeking God first. Follow her on Social Media: Twitter @SueMamaof3 and Pinterest:




  1. So glad to be posting here Nicole! Thank you for sharing my prayer, I hope it will be useful to many who come across this post!

  2. Basing prayer on God’s Word brings such power to prayer as well as glorifying Him. I love the connectedness and the depth that each verse(s) carries to my heart, and ultimately to Him. Praising for using you to bring such a vital message to me today.

  3. You are right! So many people don’t want to talk about their fears or anxiety. I loved your prayer and especially the scriptures. I believe God’s Word is powerful and when we pray His Word we will get results.

  4. This was a well-written and very helpful post. I know many of us struggle with anxiety and have 1000 thoughts going on at once. I loved your prayer and plan to reference it daily! Thank you!

  5. Great post! I don’t regularly suffer from anxiety, but I have had a few panic attacks in my lifetime.
    One of them caught me completely off guard, and the only thing that helped to stay my mind was repeating the Word of God over and over again in my mind.
    The panic didn’t stop immediately. I had to continue to recite his promises, but eventually the fear subsided.
    Gids word is a powerful thing!!

  6. Interesting how our minds shut down when anxiety and stress take over. Just offer a sincere prayer and open up the scriptures.

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