Recognize Satan's Attacks

How to Recognize Satan’s Attacks & Strongholds on Your Life

Recognizing strongholds that Satan has in your life is really important in overcoming in spiritual warfare. Satan wants nothing more than for his schemes to be unnoticed and discrete.

He wants you to think that the strongholds in your life are normal or even healthy and he works to make his schemes look so close to good that you almost don’t see anything wrong.

I struggled with unrecognized strongholds for years. It was what kept me stuck in some very unhealthy patterns and ways of thinking. God really revealed these strongholds to me over a very difficult time, but honestly, I think there are ways we can proactively approach this topic and find healing and sanctification while holding onto our peace and strength.

So today, let’s talk about how to recognize strongholds that Satan has worked into your life and into your mind so that you can be prepared to overcome in spiritual warfare.

How to Recognize Satan's Attacks and Strongholds in Your Life

Pray that the Veil Would Be Removed & God Would Show You Strongholds In Your Life

The battle we face in spiritual warfare does not take place in the visible things around us. It is so easy to get caught up blaming our physical circumstances and forget the enemy behind it all.

It’s essential that we pray consistently for God to remove the veil and reveal to us the strongholds in our life. This isn’t easy. Most of us don’t want to come face to face with these difficult things that we must change, but in doing so you will find tremendous peace and healing.

When you actively pray for God to show you areas in your life that Satan has a stronghold, He answers. He will open doors to not only showing you these things, but sanctifying and healing you in these ways.

Pray that God would remove the veil and show you the strongholds in your life.

Dig into Scripture and Seek to Align Your Life & Heart

God’s Word is the light to which we can hold our every thought and action accountable to. His Word is what we can use as our guide and our light. 

It’s important to spend consistent time in the Word daily so that you an align your heart and your life with it. 

As you seek to do this, strongholds will be revealed and you will find ways to overcome them. When you dig into Scripture with an open heart to the working of the Holy Spirit, you will begin to see God sanctifying you and redeeming areas that were once in bondage.

If you don’t have a reading plan, I would encourage you to get a devotional. 

Digging into a devotional can help you dig into Scripture in a guided way. This month Courage. Hope. Love. released a 30-day devotional on the topic of Spiritual Warfare.

Claiming Victory! is available now!

 This devotional includes a guided “Journal Your Thoughts” section to help you take these tools and encouragement to heart and put them into action.

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Consider Patterns, Hang-ups and Habits

Finally, as you seek to uncover and recognize the strongholds that Satan may have in your life, it is important to consider any patterns that you may fall into, anything that you constantly get hung up on and any habits that keep you stuck.

These things can shine a bright light into the areas in which Satan may have a stronghold. It is hard to step back and acknowledge them, especially when you are feeling discouraged. But this is the first and most important step in overcoming Satan’s lies and schemes in your life.

As you seek to overcome Satan at work in your life, you will find peace and hope and joy beyond anything you could have imagined. 

Here's What's Next

If you found encouragement in this post, this devotional is for you!

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The Claiming Victory! devotional starts out by helping you learn specific and powerful strategies to recognize Satan at work in your life. You will then learn how to overcome and find freedom and peace.

What are you struggling with right now? What is stealing your peace and your hope? It's time to reclaim the very things that God has promised us and claim victory over Satan's attempts to drag you down! Are you ready to stand firm?


  1. AS a Christian it is so easy to believe the lies that Satan tells us. One of the things I like to do when I recognize the work of Satan I will say: That’s a lie! I proclaim the lie and then think about the truth. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I’m excited to see more about your devotional! I always pray for deliverance from the grips of Satan when I find myself feeling cranky or depressed when I have a lot of reasons for hope and joy in my life. He loves to rob us of these gifts of our good Father! The St Michael Prayer is also a great spiritual tool.

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