Songs for Encouragement to Help You Through a Difficult Time

5 Songs for Encouragement to Help You Through a Difficult Time

Music has helped me through many difficult times in my life. God often speaks to me through the words of a powerful worship song.

There are so many important reminders within the music that can remind our soul of the joy and hope we have in the Lord.

5 Songs for Encouragement to Help You Through a Difficult Time

If you’re going through a tough time, I want to encourage you to allow each of these songs to soak into your soul. Let the words renew and refresh your hope in the Lord.

Do It Again

God is at work in your life. What struggles has he already brought you through? Remembering His powerful answers to prayers in the past can often bring you hope in your current struggle.

I love the words in this song that remind me that God has moved mountains and He has made a way when there was no way. And because I’ve seen Him do this before, I know that He will do it again.

Click to listen to Do It Again

It Is Well

As a newer version of this song, I am always encouraged when I hear it. My favorite line is when it says that my soul can trust in Him because “the wind and waves still know His name”.

Wherever you are and whatever struggle you are going through, the wind and waves around you still bow the the name of Jesus. God is still in control of every storm around you.

Let this encourage you as you face the wind and waves. God is still working for your good.

Click to listen to It Is Well

I Am No Victim

So often in our struggles we forget that our identity lies in the victory of Christ. We are not victim to our circumstances and our struggles. We have the power of the victorious Christ within us.

This song reminds me that although my struggles seem to take me over, that God has greater things in store. I am a part of His love and His kingdom and so I can take hold of the strength to get through my struggles.

Click to listen to I Am No Victim

What a Beautiful Name

This song is a beautiful reminder of the power of the name of Jesus. Not only does Jesus save us and love us, but there is power in His name. There is power to stand against Satan. There is power to restore brokeness, redeem hopelessness and give strength to the weak.

Call out to Him in your time of struggle. Remember the power in the name of Jesus.

Click to listen to What a Beautiful Name

Fear Is a Liar

So often in our struggles, we find ourselves drowning in fear. Fear of failure, fear of pain, fear of loss, fear of hopelessness. But that fear is a liar. Satan uses fear to drive us further from the Lord.

When we are crippled by fear, we won’t be walking in the will of God. Let the reminders in this song wash over you today. Remember that fear is a liar and that in Christ, we do not need to be afraid.

Click to listen to Fear Is a Liar

If you are walking through a difficult time, I hope that these songs can bring you hope. You can also check out some of the encouragement posts I’ve listed below.

There is hope in your struggle, cling to Christ and the victory He has already won for you.



  1. Love this list, Nicole! I just heard Do It Again on my local Christian radio station today. They also play Fear Is A Liar often. Both songs are great for finding encouragement!

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