When Your Spiritual Walk Feels Dry

Do you know what it's like when your spiritual walk feels dry and unfruitful?

We’ve all been there right? That place where our prayers feel forced and we feel no interest in reading the bible or being still before God.

That place where our relationship with the Lord feels dry and distant.

And yet, some of the greatest things we feel during this time is guilt, shame, and embarrassment.

Why? Because everyone else seems to have it all together. We should be feeling close to God, right?

When Your Spiritual Walk Feels Dry

Maybe you can list off tens of blessings in your life. But you don’t feel blessed.

Or maybe you can list off the times you’ve been to church and read your bible. But you don’t feel connected to the Lord.

If you are going through a dry time with the Lord right now, I want to encourage you to hold on.

God is with you and He is at work, even when we don’t feel it.

Let’s take a look at what you can do as you wait for that renewing of your relationship with the Lord.

Is There Something Between You?

Take a moment to consider if there is something that may be hindering your connection with the Lord.

Is there something that you are holding onto? A prayer unanswered? A hurt that you’re hiding? A struggle that you feel ashamed of?

Personally reflecting on the state of your heart and the things in your life will help you to uncover anything that may be between you and the Lord.

Whether it is an internal struggle or hurt or an external experience or action, Satan uses these parts of our lives to keep us feeling distant from God.

Take time to surrender every part of your life to the Lord and you will find parts of your spiritual relationship healing.

Hold Onto Discipline

One of the most important things you can do during a dry time in your faith is to continue praying and reading the Bible.

If you’re anything like me, you might feel that this is pointless or forced, but God sees our hearts and our actions.

It’s okay to feel like a quiet time with God was dry or unfruitful. Not every time will be profound. But as you step forward in that discipline and continue to give your time and your heart to God, He will answer.

For this reason, I feel it is so important to get into the habit or routine of spending time with the Lord each day.  (I've created a devotional below for this very thing!)

As you do this, you will begin to form your day around that time.

And when your faith feels dry or distant, it will be a lot easier to continue to spend that time with God. In fact, even when I have felt as though my faith was dry, I missed that quiet time with God because I was so used to doing it.

Discipline is something that takes time and takes practice. Start now and do it every day. Make it a priority and it will get easier.

And when your faith feels dry, hold onto that discipline. It will carry you through.

Reach Out!

When your spiritual walk feels dry, deny guilt and shame. Don’t allow those feelings to direct your thoughts and actions.

It is normal to go through dry times in your walk with the Lord.

When you do, reach out to a trusted friend or mentor. Find someone to pray with you and to encourage you through this time.

Talking to a trusted friend is a powerful way to see Satan’s lies at work in your life and to find accountability to remain firm in your faith.

Reach out when you are struggling and allow the body of Christ to spur you on in your faith.

When you feel that you are going through a dry time in your spiritual walk, reflect on anything that may be between you and the Lord, hold onto discipline and reach out to the body of Christ around you.

As you surrender and keep walking, God will meet you.

How have you been encouraged during dry times in your faith?



  1. I love this, especially about holding on and continuing to pray. Soon God finds a way to reach us. Soon we find ourselves in awe of God again so we just keep praying until that day.

  2. Love this post! Discipline is key even when you feel it is not helping, it is. I needed reminded to reexamine my faults and what is blocking my way. Thanks!

  3. Wonderful post! You’re right, spiritual disciplines are so important but can be so hard to do. For me it’s particularly hard with a one year old constantly needing me and always being tired

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