Standing Against Satan: A Series on Standing Firm in the Lord
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Standing Against Satan: New Series on Standing Firm in the Lord

If there is one thing I’ve let go unnoticed in my life for far too long, it’s the lies that Satan has been feeding me ever since I was a young girl.

For me it was:

You aren’t good enough.

You have to work to be loved.

Your past defines you.

What is it for you?

Lies of perfection? Lies about your worth? Lies about your hope?


Standing Against Satan: A Series on Standing Firm in the Lord

Satan is the master deceiver. He does all he can to lay low and to weave his schemes into our lives.

Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. -1 Peter 5:8

And the crazy thing is, more often than not, we let him!

We become sad, angry, hopeless and we blame ourselves, our jobs and our families.

I’ve done this over and over despite the victory that I already have in Christ.

If there is one thing we, as Christians, desperately need, it’s a revolution.  

We need to take a stand against the one who tries to steal and destroy the hope and victory we already have won.

I want to begin this series by saying that the battle against Satan is something that each and every one of us will be fighting until the day we meet our Savior in heaven.

You’ve been fighting it since the day you were born and I want you to know the victory and strength Christ has for you.

You are not fighting this battle alone.

You are not fighting this battle empty-handed.

So every Thursday for the next several weeks, you will be sure to find encouragement, tools and stories that will equip you and empower you to stand against Satan and to live in the victory and hope Christ has already given.

I will be welcoming several friends to share their personal stories and testimonies as a part of this series. Their stories of hope will encourage you, strengthen you and equip you to find the strength to stand against the enemy.

If you have a story or a piece of encouragement you would like to share, please email me at

Your testimony and your words can bring light into the darkness.

So let’s stand together against the lies that Satan has woven into our lives and discover true peace and true victory against the one who has no power in the presence of the Lord.

Will you take a stand?

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  1. So excited to read this. I often get caught up in the lies of not, feeling worthy, that I can’t be forgiven for the past, and that I’m not believing strong enough etc. I know these are all lies but at times struggle to move past them.

  2. For 55+ years I’ve believed lies I’m unlovable and unable to love God and other people. I’ve believed I’m too old to change myself, my life, my habits. I’ve believed I’m hopeless, I have no good thing in my future, and I’d be better off to forget my dreams. I’ve believed I’m not as pretty, smart, talented, or strong as others. What a bummer ???????

    1. Thank you for sharing your heart. It can be so hard when we’ve believed a lie for so long. But our worth rests in the truth of Christ. I pray that you will find encouragement as you seek to discover that hope and the truth about who you are in Him <3

  3. The lies I tend to believe the most are that others are thinking hurtful things about me. Even though I try to give others the benefit of the doubt, I have a hard time trusting that they will do the same! Thank you for this encouragement, Nicole!

    1. I completely agree, Liz. It can be so hard to combat that lie. I’m glad you found encouragement here 🙂

    1. I’m glad you will be joining me, Edie! With the Lord on our side, we can find the victory Christ has already won!

  4. Yes! I think it’s so important for us to realize that there is someone who hates us, who constantly tries to destroy our witness and weaken our faith. I’m looking forward to this series!

    1. I agree. Too often we soften the idea of Satan for our comfort. Glad you’ll be joining me, Ronja! 🙂

  5. YES! Armed with TRUTH I will stand against His lies. I’m hiding God’s word in my heart so that I am duly armed to take an offensive stance. Happy to be joining you from #chasingcommunity

  6. So good.
    Just last night in church we were discussing Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness and the power of the Word of God — available to us today!
    So thankful that God does not leave us defenseless, and trusting for grace to pick up the weapon and enter into the fight in earnest.

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