Satan's attacks on your worth

Standing Against Satan’s Attacks on Your Worth

Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough?

This is one of my number one struggles. Satan knows how deeply embedded this lie is in my life and he uses it to cripple me from doing God’s will.

Sometimes these attacks are outright reminders, but most of the time, Satan attacks me in such subtle ways, I don’t notice the effects.

Isn’t that what Satan wants? For us not to even recognize how crippled we are?

Standing Against Satan's Attacks on Your Worth

Because if we don’t notice, we will be content to go on living without the abundant grace and extravagant love God offers.

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How do you recognize if Satan is attacking your worth?

The best way to know if Satan is attacking your worth is to shine the light of God’s truth onto your life.

As you spend time in the Word and in prayer, you will begin to see the areas of your life that may be in a stronghold.

For years, I struggled with the lie that I’m not lovable.

This lie was webbed into the way I viewed myself and the way I thought others viewed me. It wasn’t until I began to read Scripture that I noticed a incongruency.

All throughout Scripture, God was speaking about how endlessly loved I am. He spoke of this love that made me cringe. Over time I began to recognize Satan’s handiwork.

The more convinced I was that I was unlovable, the less I would reach out to love others and the less I would be able to embrace God’s love for me.

Recognizing the lies that Satan uses against you is so important. It will be a part of each of these steps below. But it is only the first step. Spend time reflecting on each step and how it fits into your own personal struggle.

Shining the Truth of Scripture on Your Life

Spend time in Scripture and shine it on different areas of your life.

As you do, you will begin to notice your own incongruencies. Scripture is the full truth of God.

Anything that does not align with Scripture is a lie.

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Whether it is something you’ve read, you’ve heard, or you’ve come up with on your own, take it to the light of the truth of Scripture. Compare it to the one place that holds the whole truth.

I try to spend time each morning in the Word. Currently, I’m working to read through the BIble. Other times, I’ve found Scripture plans or specific Bible studies that work through a section of Scripture.

It’s important to spend time in God’s word in dedicated study and reflection.

But you should also go to Scriptures that shine truth on your specific situation in addition to this.

The truth of God’s word will reveal the lies that Satan tries to attack you with.

Ask God to reveal to you any lies that may be beneath the surface.

In many situations, lies about our worth are so deeply embedded in our hearts that it can be close to impossible to dig them up. It’s something we were taught as a child and Satan has reinforced over tens of years.

So for this process to truly be effective, you will need to be in constant prayer. Ask God to reveal to you areas of your life that are not aligned with the truth. Continue to ask this daily as you work through this process.

But recognizing the lies is only the first step in standing against Satan’s attacks on your worth.

Next you will have to combat them and build up the truth in your heart. This is the process that will take dedicated and fervent prayer.

I find it helpful to journal through this process. Once you have the lies and the truth to combat them in writing, I find it easier to take a stand against Satan’s attacks.

God will break the chains of these lies as you walk with Him through this process.

Continue to spend time in prayer each and every day and you will begin to find the strength to stand against Satan’s attacks on your worth.

Reach out to trusted friends or mentors.

Reaching out to others for accountability and encouragement is almost crucial to overcoming the lies about your worth.

Lies specifically about our worth are so internal and as you try to fight them, you can become so caught up in your thoughts, it can be hard to find a clear mind.

It is important to surround yourself with those who can keep you accountable and encourage you through this process.

Don’t be afraid to reach out. Everyone struggles with attacks from Satan. Pray that God will open the door to a relationship that you can open up and find that encouragement and accountability in.

Standing against Satan’s attacks on your worth is no easy process. But you can find the truth and freedom that God offers.

Spend consistent time in Scripture, fervent and dedicated time in prayer and reach out to others for encouragement and accountability. These are 3 crucial factors to finding strength to take your stand.

What has helped you take your stand?


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  1. Excellent advice! It’s funny how we can see lies that other people believe, but it’s so much more difficult to see the lies that WE believe!

  2. Excellent. I am always amazed how I never noticed some of his lies, one especially, that someone would understand how I felt about something.

  3. This is absolutely the work of our Lord. Just this morning , my cousin and I were talking about how women often feel worthless. I am definitely saving this post , Nicole

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