How to Pray More Fervently

Have you ever wondered how to pray fervently?

I really struggle with this. I watch some people sit down and pray deeply for hours, saying the time passes way too quickly. I see others who have seen the radical benefits of praying specific and strategic prayers. And yet most of my Christian life, my prayers were small, unspecified and circumstantial. 

A little bit into my journey of overcoming some deep strongholds in my life, I began to feel convicted about my prayer life. I began to desire something more than what I was putting into prayer.

How to Pray Fervently

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And so I read a few books that really encouraged me in this.

I read The Power of a Praying Wife (and Woman), Believing God and I watched the movie War Room. The combination of these left me eager to dive deeper in fervent prayer.

And when I did, my life changed completely.

I still struggle sometimes to believe that God will answer my prayers but my faith has grown tremendously. 

I still struggle sometimes to spend a lengthy amount of time in prayer, but I can’t go a day without deeper prayer.

The commitment to learn how to pray more fervently and strategically has completely changed my life and my faith. And I want you to see that transformation too.

So today, let’s talk about how to pray more fervently - even when it feels hard.

Ask God to Reveal the Power of Prayer to You

This is something I’ve struggled with my entire faith life. I have walked through some really painful things and experienced a lot of unanswered prayers. And so I always struggled to believe that prayer really did anything.

Can anyone relate?

I thought that prayer was simply a way to connect with God and nothing more.

But over time and after reading Believing God by Beth Moore, I began to see it differently. Prayer has power.

I still struggle with this at times, but I find that when I specifically ask God to reveal the power of prayer to me, He does. And I am blown away by how amazing He is as He answers my prayers.

So say a short prayer with me right now:

Lord, thank you that You have a perfect plan for me. Thank you for giving me a way to connect intimately with You. Please show me the power of prayer. Show me how to pray and how to make my prayers powerful and effective. Cast out any lies that keep me from intimate and powerful prayer. Meet me in this. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Learn to Pray Strategically

I struggled to pray fervently because most of the time my prayers were very basic and I didn’t know how to go in depth.

I would pray for whatever was on my heart, and although this isn’t a bad thing, I found myself getting distracted or feeling surfacy. 

It wasn’t until I read the book, The Power of a Praying Wife, and then The Power of a Praying Woman that I learned that specific and strategic prayers have immense power. Not only did I feel like I was finally praying for things that I had never thought to pray for, but it helped me to have written out prayers on all of these specific areas.

I’d pray for more specific things for my husband like his work, his purpose, his relationships etc. Whereas before, I found myself just praying for the same few things. It helped me to have this guide and it kept me fervent in prayer because I began to learn how to pray strategically.

Write out Your Prayers

The final thing that helped me to become more fervent in prayer was beginning a prayer journal. The one that I started a few years ago is just about full and it is amazing to look back at all my prayers and see how God has been at work.

I love this because it allows me to write out my own specific and strategic prayers that I can refer to daily during seasons. I have written prayers of surrender, prayers asking for wisdom and discernment, prayers for specific people in my life and so much more!

Sometimes I will even just write what I title “Prayer for Today” and write a full prayer for whatever is on my heart. I love being able to pray this prayer slowly and meditate through it. 

Starting a prayer journal is a simple way to experience the profound power of prayer and to get more strategic and fervent in your prayer life.

I’d love to hear how you have grown more fervent in prayer or what specifically you struggle with when it comes to fervent prayer. Tell me in the comments below!



  1. I never really new God. I knew of him. It wasn’t until our son passed away suddenly. Home alone and had a allergic reaction to food. Then we got the call that he was at hospital. We were debated. We got into a church in the small desert town. We went there for 3 years. I was not learning much. They never had time for questions. The Pastor was not a Pastor I felt could preach God’s word to me as he did several things I knew were wrong in God’s eyes even thou I was new to the teaching of the bible but not ignorant to all the truths of God. I knew the 10 commandments and I see and heard the Pastor break several of them. I told my husband I did not want someone to teach who breaks God’s commandments. So, I have been self teaching myself and have many way I have taught myself. Still a long way to go. I do have all my Trust and Faith in God all might. 1 thing I do strong with is putting the right words in my prayers. I find myself repeating often. I appreciate your advice and through my learning I have found through research many helpful ways on learning God’s word and getting the most understanding from my bible study. Thank you for your help. I was watching Dr. Jeremiah, and he mentioned fervent prayer. I wasn’t such what he meant by it so I started researching. Thank you and God Bless you for your help. Betty

    1. I forgot to mention I am 70 years old. It is never to late to get to know our Lord and Savior. 🙏❤ Betty

      1. Praise God Betty. I am struggling with getting distracted when I pray and not going deep in my prayer life. Even though I am surrounded by spiritual warfare. I was just recently diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable cervical cancer that has mastasized and spread to all of my bones. I love God so much and yet struggle to go deep in prayer with Him. I think back on when my husband and I first started dating we could talk for hours go home and then sit on the phone and talk till the sun came up. Isnt that all prayer is a conversation with God yet I struggle so as much as I am in love with Him to have those hours long conversation where I reveal all of me and in return He reveals all of Him. So maybe you could pray for me and I will pray for you. And thank you for sharing your story Praise God you gave your life to Him. I pray He leads you to a church body there is nothing like connecting with the body. Much love God bless. I am also Holy Spirit taught sitting in my room alone with home. I only found a church body 4 years ago but wow the growth that came from finding that body wow it makes me sad to know so many are missing that because the churches are failing to be the body

    2. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Betty. I’m sorry to hear about your son but am so encouraged by your testimony!

    3. Thanks for sharing because this really blessed me I thought it was wrong to write out my prayer I really struggle with staying focused while praying or wondering was I saying the rite things in my prayer Thanks

  2. Thank you for this enlightenment 🙏💕….. I actually thought I was doing well in prayers until my fiance said my prayers are weak….. I’m really open to learn. I’m believing God this article would change my prayers life

  3. I am really struggling at the moment to calm my mind and fully surrender myself to God. I am a VERY new daughter of God and I have so many negative thoughts about not only mine but my family’s future and what is in store for us. I realise that prayer is the place to start but I find that my mind keeps wandering and then it is almost as if I get bored (this is the only way for me to describe it). This post is really helpful and I cannot wait to see how prayer will bring me closer to God.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Yvonne. I definitely find that writing out my prayers helped with this immensely! I’m so glad you were encouraged <3

  4. loved this post! Thank you for reminding me how powerful prayer can be. I used to write down my prayers and it was incredible. I think I’m going to start doing that again!

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